VIDEO: Donald Trump turns stand-up comedian; he will make you laugh

Former US President Donald Trump entertained his crowd as he turned into a stand-up comedian while criticising the electric vehicles policy of Joe Biden, as his audience in California enjoyed his speech which was away from all-conventional talk about politics.

Donald Trump excoriated Joe Biden in a way that kept the interest of the listeners intact as they laughed and responded to his jokes.

"They [Biden administration] want to have an army tank that is electric. You can't get it recharged it can't go far enough and it doesn’t go strong enough," the 77-year-old said in a funny way.

While joking about the electric vehicles policy, noting the slow pace of the vehicles, he stated: "So we go into an enemy territory we will blast… everybody but at least we will go in with environmentally nice equipment. Now do you believe me?"

Turning his aim on the fighter jets, the Republican presidential forerunner said: "Then they wanna have our jet fighters. Our jet fighters are our best way to go, if they take a turn on a size of a dime bomb, bomb they wanna use fuel that is a little bit better for the environment."

He went on to say: "So that is we are attacking some country trying to devastate some country cause they have been bad to us. We go in and drop bombs all over the place but at least we are not leaving any environmental footprint."

Trump, who has been indicted four times, mimicked a government official who is suggesting to him about the policy of being climate-friendly. He mocked by saying: "Sir, we have a new fighter jet we think its environmentally friendly. I said who cares if you are dropping bombs all over the place you are shooting everybody."

"And they wanna do the new regulations are coming out all electric boats. I said to the man and this is a pro you if I could sit down with him in five minutes? Exactly what I have to do is I said would it work?" Trump said.

"No sir the entire boat would have to become a battery if the batteries take a massive amount and it would be so heavy that it would sink and then I asked him a question," he added.

Further entertaining the crowd he went on: "He said you must have a science background. I have never been asked. If you are on a boat and sitting on top of a battery and the boat starts to sink, do you get electrocuted?"

"Let's say the boat is going down and you have a choice, you got a shark that’s ten yards away or you can go down with a damn boat and get electrocuted."

"Honestly, you know what I take, I am taking the boat every single time. I want the boat," Trump mocked Joe Biden’s policies calling it crazy. 


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